1) Find out what you want before buying

You’ll save money if you know exactly what parts you need and don’t wander around in auto parts stores aimlessly. Do some research online or call around to motorcycle shops to find out which replacement part is cheapest before taking your vehicle into an auto parts store. In many cases, you can even buy parts online or from other sources and take them to your local mechanic, who will install them for a fee.

2) Always ask the right questions

You might think that knowing all there is to know about your product will make things easier, but asking questions is actually one of your best tools in saving money. Asking questions helps you understand how certain parts are made, how they work and how they fit into your two-wheeler’s overall performance. The same goes for auto parts: Before you decide on a specific brand or part, ask about specifications and make sure it’s compatible with your motorcycle before paying full price. Remember: There are no dumb questions when it comes to buying auto parts—and asking thoughtful ones could help you save hundreds in unexpected costs.

3) Buy online if you are looking for cheap prices

You’ll save a ton of money if you buy your auto parts online rather than from an auto parts store. You might think that you can’t buy cheap car or motorcycle parts from an online store, but that’s not true. However, we should point out that some sites aren’t trustworthy and may deliver faulty parts, but there are plenty of safe sites to choose from. In general, it’s good to do your research before shopping online—whether it’s for auto parts or anything else—and look at reviews of sellers’ products and service ratings first. It won’t take long to find trusted sellers who can help you get cheap motorcycle or car parts without compromising quality.

4) Consider buying used parts

Look to auto parts retailers like CARiD and 4 Wheel Parts to find replacement parts at reduced prices. Buyer beware: They may be priced lower, but these parts aren’t usually made with as much precision or care as brand new ones. Make sure you do your research to ensure that whatever you’re purchasing is compatible with your two-wheeler and worth spending money on in terms of price, safety, and longevity. If there are certain components you can’t live without—like brakes or shocks—it may be better to buy used tires (or shop online at Amazon) instead of putting off maintenance and finding yourself in an unsafe situation.

5) Look up DIY tutorials

Spending money on auto parts might feel like going over budget, but you can often find better deals online. To save even more, consider doing your own repairs; there are plenty of useful YouTube videos and online forums to help you get started. For example, if you’re having trouble with your two-wheeler’s brakes, search DIY tutorials online and get to work! Remember that some repairs take more time than others, so buy spare parts and tools in advance—that way if it takes longer than you thought to complete repairs (and it often does), it won’t cost you extra to go out and buy them.

6) Do not forget to consider installation costs

If you are going to be installing the parts yourself, make sure you do not forget to consider all of your costs. New tires might seem like an easy purchase until you add in new lugs and valve stems, installation tools and hours at your local mechanic’s shop. If you’re purchasing an expensive part such as a new engine or transmission, consult with a professional mechanic before making your purchase. They will let you know whether that big-ticket item is what is best for your car and help estimate how much it will cost to have them installed at their shop. In some cases, it can be cheaper to just buy a whole new car than to install expensive parts on an old one.

7) Keep an eye out for free shipping deals

Why pay shipping costs when you don’t have to? Many online retailers offer free shipping. Shopping around is always advised. It may seem convenient to buy everything from one store, but buying from multiple places can be more cost-effective in some cases. Additionally, watch out for auto parts sellers with low ratings; they might not be as reputable as some of their peers.

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