Bajaj spare parts is a comprehensive and reliable source for parts and accessories for Bajaj motorcycles. Parts for Bajaj motorcycles can be sourced from authorized dealers or from online sellers. We will guide you on how to purchase Bajaj spare parts from various sources.

1. History of Bajaj Auto Limited

Bajaj spare parts
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Bajaj Auto Limited is an Indian multinational automaker headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company was founded in 1934 by two brothers, Jamnalal and J.P. Bajaj, and is now the fourth-largest automaker in the world by production.

Bajaj Auto Limited traces its origins to 1934, when two brothers, Jamnalal and J.P. Bajaj, founded the company in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company initially produced motorcycles and automobiles, but soon diversified into other areas such as bicycles and trucks. In the 1960s, Bajaj began producing small cars, and in the 1970s, it began producing large cars. In the 1990s, the company began producing SUVs and pickup trucks.

Bajaj Auto Limited is the fourth-largest automaker in the world by production. The company has production plants in India, China, Brazil, and the United States. Bajaj Auto Limited exports its products to many parts of the world.

2. What are the risks associated with using Bajaj spare parts?

When it comes to spare parts, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with using them. One of the most common risks is that the part may not be fit for the intended use. Additionally, using a part that is not fit can lead to serious safety hazards. In some cases, using a part that is not fit can also lead to equipment failure.

Bajaj produces a wide range of two-wheelers. The spares will be unique to each of them in terms of colour, size, and so on. The seller might not know which one will fit your two-wheeler. As a result, you should exercise caution when purchasing spare parts.

When purchasing spares, you can refer to the spare parts manual to determine the part number. This ensures that the spare parts meet your specifications.

  • Before purchasing Bajaj spares from online sellers, inquire about refund and return policies.
  • Carry the old spares or the vehicle with you when you go to the local auto parts store. So you can compare it to old parts to ensure it fits.

3. How to identify genuine Bajaj spare parts?

It is critical to purchase original genuine spare parts for the best performance and longevity of the bike. Here are a few methods for identifying genuine Bajaj parts:

Bajaj spare parts genuine test
  • Scratch and check the word ‘Genuine’.
  • The word ‘Genuine’ will appear when the Gold hologram is scratched.
  • When the label is horizontal, the word ‘Genuine Parts’ is clearly visible in Gold Hologram.
  • When the label is rotated 90′ clockwise, it will be visible in the hologram.
  • There is no height difference between the gold hologram and the paper label when you touch it.

4. How can you find Bajaj spare parts?

Bajaj spare parts are available from authorized dealers or from the Bajaj website. It is best to check the website for the latest deals and discounts.

How to find Bajaj spare parts from nearest dealers?

You can use the official website of Bajaj auto limited to find genuine Bajaj spare parts dealers. There is an option to select the state and city, which will display the location and contact information for Bajaj dealers in an embedded map.

Websites to purchase genuine Bajaj spare parts.

Below given are the list of websites in India who provides Bajaj spare parts.

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