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Pudupet market- Chennai Tamil Nadu

For all two-wheeler and four-wheeler spare parts, Pudupet is the best location to go in Chennai. Egmore railway station is around 1.5 kilometres away from Pudupet. You have the option of bringing your vehicle in to be fixed or purchasing spare parts. It’s not only a market full of auto dealers. Everything you’ll need for your automobile is right here. Although car components are available, the vast majority of shops concentrate in two-wheeler spare parts and repair. And commonly called as Pudupet bike spare parts market. Let’s have a look at the services that are available at Pudupet.

Why Pudupet is so famous for two wheeler spare parts?

Pudupet market is special for scraped vechile parts in chennai. both two wheeler and four wheeler spares are available here. if you approach the nearby automobile shops for some outdated vehicle spares, they would say, “sir these all will get only at pudupet. “

Timing of Pudupet spare parts market

The majority of Pudupet’s shops will open at 10:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. Except for a few shops, Sunday will be a holiday. You can visit during this period if you only want to buy spare parts or accessories. It is preferable to visit throughout the day if you need to service your two-wheeler. Especially if you’re trying to locate any hard-to-find spares.

Is Pudupet a safe place to visit?

Don’t be concerned Pudupet is a secure location to visit and purchase two-wheeler spare parts. We will advise you on what precautions you should take to ensure your safety. As you may be aware, Pudupet is also a notorious location for the scrapping of stolen vehicles. Furthermore, the used spares you are purchasing at a low cost may have come from a stolen vehicle. As a result, the people dealing with these stolen vehicles will be roaming around there. You must take the necessary precautions to protect your belongings. A few points are listed below; if you have any additional information, please let us know.

  • Do not visit Pudupet with rich looking outfits.
  • Try to park your vehicle in front of the stores where you will be shopping.
  • Don’t go there by yourself. Go with a friend and ask him to look after your vehicle while you look for spares or shops.
  • Avoid conversing with people who are out on the street. Only inquire about anything at the shops.
  • It is preferable to take public transportation rather than visiting Pudupet solely for the purpose of shopping. Because finding a safe parking spot is extremely difficult.
  • There are many small streets and shortcuts in Pudupet market. It is extremely difficult for a newcomer to explore all of the shops. It is best to go with someone who is familiar with the area..

The preceding points are only intended to ensure the safety of those who are visiting Pudupet for the first time. Once you became acquainted with it, it was just like any other place you were familiar with.

What are available in Pudupet market?

As previously stated, Pudupet is more than just a market for automobiles. Everything you need for your two-wheeler can be found here. Spare parts and accessories are available for all two-wheeler brands. Let’s take a look at what Pudupet will offer in terms of products and services.

Buying and Selling two wheelers in Pudupet market

Yes, you can sell your motorcycle at the Pudupet market. Even though it is illegal, you can sell two-wheelers if you do not have the proper documentation. They plan to resell it or scrap it for spare parts. However, you should not expect to get a high price for selling your vehicle there. As previously stated, you can approach them if you are unable to sell elsewhere due to document issues.

Buy Two wheeler spare parts from Pudupet market

There are numerous shops in Pudupet that sell old and new two-wheeler spare parts and accessories. Genuine and aftermarket parts are both available. Engine parts, body panels, lighting, and electrical components are examples of spare parts. Every shop in Pudupet is unique for a specific set of spares. One store will sell only plastic parts, while the other will sell only lights. As a result, you’ll have to visit more than one store to find all of the necessary spares. Most shops will have mechanics on hand to fit the spare parts. And they will make certain that it is operational.

Two wheeler mechanics in Pudupet market

Pudupet has a large number of highly skilled mechanics. Always try to go early in the morning. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait a long time. The main road will be congested and congested. It is inconvenient to park your vehicle on the side of the road until your turn. You can leave the two-wheeler with the mechanic and pick it up later once you’ve gotten to know them. Until then, you must stand behind the mechanic as he performs his duties.

Two wheeler seat and tank covers in Pudupet market

Good quality seat and tank covers are available at very cheap price at Pudupet. Price is very less when compared with other places. Rs 500-600 costs seat cover will get at Rs 250-300. And you will get different style and quality materials. Most of these shops are located in the main road itself. so you don’t have much difficult it finding them.

Sticker works in Pudupet market

A large number of shops are available at Pudupet for sticker works. You can buy stickers at cheap price and wrapping of vehicle parts also available there. Sticker shops are also located in the main road itself.

Lights and electrical parts in Pudupet market

You can buy headlights and indicators likes LED bulbs and projector headlamps. Vast varieties of fancy lights are also available to decorate your ride. Full wiring kit also you can buy from Pudupet. You can also see the customers are coming there to fix remote key for their brand new motorcycles.

Speedo meter and odometer servicing in Pudupet market

of course it is an illegal activity, but resetting odometer is done at some shops in Pudupet. It is not only for two wheeler but you can see many cab drivers coming there to reduce the miles before selling their vehicles. you can buy both used and new meters and also get your meters repaired from there.

Wheels and tyres in Pudupet market

In addition to branded products, used and re treaded wheels are also available at Pudupet. It is always better to take your vehicle when you are planning to buy used tyre. Because it is an expert job to fit used tyres on rim. A not properly fitted wheels can make wobbling which may lead to serious problems. Most of the local tyre shops won’t take this risk of fitting tyres bought from Pudupet. Alloy or spokes wheel and wheels are also available in new and used condition.

How much they charge for spares and services in Pudupet market

It is place where you can use all the bargaining skills. If you don’t have the skill then also everything is much cheaper there. We suggest you to do a walk though the streets before buying things from the first shop you have seen. There are small pathways from the main road which will lead to more and more shops. These doesn’t have much visibility when compared with the shops in main road. So they will give more discounts. And importantly you have to carry money as some shops many not accept UPI payments or cards. ATM counters are also available at Pudupet in a walkable distance.

Basic facilities available in Pudupet market

Pudupet main road is always busy with traffic and you will get buses to all places in Chennai. Auto rickshaws are also available in case you want to connect to Egmore railway station. There is no paid parking facility to park your vehicle. You have to park in front of the shops you are visiting. If you think you need to explore too many shops, then we strongly recommend to use public transport. So that you can walk through the streets without worrying about your parked vehicle.

Restaurants and tea shops are available there and a police booth also there near to the bus stop.


As we have said earlier, take the necessary precautions when visiting Pudupet market. It is good to carry old spare in case you are not taking the vehicle there. Because the shop keeper may not identify the required spare parts by model name or number. Once you come back to the local mechanic with the spares from Pudupet, her will say it is not matching with the old one.

You can ask your doubts in the comment section. Also share your good and bad experiences after visiting Pudupet.

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