You may be aware of how to send a WhatsApp message to a contact. Have you ever needed to send a one-time WhatsApp message to someone who wasn’t on your contact list? You must first add the recipient to your contact list. You’re going to delete the contact after you send the WhatsApp message, right? 

So, let’s see how you can handle this quickly. Here are four different ways to send a WhatsApp message to someone without saving their phone number.

Method 1 : Using a web browser to send WhatsApp without saving number

You can use WhatsApp web login or WhatsApp installed on your phone for this method. If you use web login, use the same browser for this method as well.

  1. Open the browser type “” in the address bar. (mobile number with a country code but no ‘+’ sign is required).
  2. When you press enter, you will be taken to the WhatsApp screen.
  3. Select “Continue Chat” from the menu.
  4. The WhatsApp chat window for the entered mobile number will now open, and you can send messages to them.

Method 2 : Truecaller App allows you to send WhatsApp messages without saving phone numbers.

Truecaller app includes an option to send WhatsApp messages to people who are not in your contacts list.

  1. Open the Truecaller app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the WhatsApp option that appears in the profile.
  3. That person’s WhatsApp chat window will open.
  4. You can now text the number without saving it in your contacts.

Method 3 : Use our special free tools for sending WhatsApp messages without saving phone numbers.

This is the simplest way to send WhatsApp messages to unsaved phone numbers from your phone or computer.

  1. Simply enter your phone number in the given text box and press the send button.
  2. This free tool will connect you to WhatsApp’s chat box so you can send messages without saving phone number.

Use this simple tool to send WhatsApp message without saving mobile number.

Just enter the mobile number with country code without prefixing ‘+’.

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